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Black Stainless Steel Bushfire Mesh

Stainless steel bushfire mesh is part of the solution for your bushfire protection.

Black Stainless Steel Bushfire Mesh protects homes and buildings in bushfire prone areas against ember attack and radiant heat.

AS3959 Amdt 3 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas
Various sections of AS3959 Amdt 3 requires a mesh to be used for screens or closing gaps greater than 3mm.

SSWM Bushfire Mesh range has been independently tested and meets the physical properties of AS3959 Amdt 3.
✔ Mesh with max aperture of 2mm
✔ Corrosion resistant steel
✔ Non combustible

SSWM bushfire mesh can be used in all applications:
That requires gaps of greater than 3mm to be closed by a mesh (as above)
The gaps between the perimeters of the mesh and the building element which it is fitted does not exceed 3mm

BAL 12.5 -FZ
SSWM bushfire mesh can be used to meet the requirements of AS3959 amdt 3 for BAL 12.5 -FZ, where mesh is referenced and if the prescribed construction requirements are met.

Product Specifications & Range- SSWM is Australia’s leading stockist of Stainless Steel Bushfire Mesh
Our range of black mesh is designed so there is mesh to suit any application, from soft to rigid.

The primary use of the mesh is for bushfire protection however how and where you install your mesh will determine which mesh is most appropriate.

Aperture 1.23mm Wire Diam 0.18mm
Aperture 1.67mm Wire Diam 0.45mm
Aperture 1.51mm Wire Diam 0.80mm

Technical Information & Samples
Click on the technical ‘data sheet link’ PDF in the tables below for the specifications and information on our Bushfire Mesh to assist with your specifying and ordering.

Please contact us to request samples of our Bushfire Mesh range to determine which mesh best meets your requirements.

Australian Standards
SSWM have undertaken extensive testing please refer to the Testing/Standards Tab below.

Care & Maintenance
Stainless steel is a low maintenance material, but not maintenance free. Refer to our care page for further information.

Speed to Market
Same day despatch when your order is received by 9am for Australia wide delivery.

What is Ember Attack?
The most common way that houses catch fire during bushfires. Research has shown that this is the cause of 80% of houses lost. Embers can enter gaps in building as small as 1.8mm, igniting timber and other materials such as leaf litter.

  • Embers are burning twigs, leaves abd pieces of debris
  • Ember attack occurs when twigs and leaves are carried by the wind and land on or around houses
  • Ember attak is the most common way houses catch fire during bushfires
  • Embers can land on top of debriss in your gutters and set fire to your house
  • Ember attack can happen before, during and after bushfire

Source: CFA

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Bushfire Mesh

Ember Stop Flexi

Black Stainless Steel Rolls

Product CodeMeshSWGAperture mmWire Diameter mmWidth mmLength mApprox Weight Kg*GradeFinishApprox % Open*Data SheetRequest a Quote
SSWOB 01230 0616 301836.51.230.18610305.5316Black76PDF
SSWOB 01230 0916 151836.51.230.18915154316Black 76PDF
SSWOB 01230 0916 301836.51.230.18915309316Black 76PDF
SSWOB 01230 1226 151836.51.230.181220155316Black 76PDF
SSWOB 01230 1226 301836.51.230.1812203011316Black 76PDF
SSWOB 01230 1556 151836.51.230.181550157316Black 76PDF
SSWOB 01230 1556 301836.51.230.1815503014316Black 76PDF
SSWOB Sold full rolls only
* Pre black finish
Formability Malleable, Rigidity Soft, Cutting Scissors, Other Uses Insect Mesh

Bushfire Mesh

Ember Stop Tough

Black Stainless Steel Rolls

Product CodeMeshSWGAperture mmWire Diameter mmWidth mmLength mApprox Weight Kg*GradeFinishApprox % Open*Data SheetRequest a Quote
SSWOB 01670 0196 3012261.670.45190307316Black 62PDF
SSWOB 01670 0916 2.412261.670.459152.43316Black 62PDF
SSWOB 01670 0916 1512261.670.459151517316Black 62PDF
SSWOB 01670 0916 3012261.670.459153034316Black 62PDF
SSWOB 01670 1246 2.412261.670.4512452.44316Black 62PDF
SSWOB 01670 1246 1512261.670.4512451523316Black 62PDF
SSWOB 01670 1246 3012261.670.4512453046316Black 62PDF
SSWOB 01670 1556 2.412261.670.4515502.45316Black 62PDF
SSWOB 01670 1556 1512261.670.4515501529316Black 62PDF
SSWOB 01670 1556 3012261.670.4515503058316Black 62PDF

SSWOB Sold full rolls only
* Pre black finish
Formability Self Supporting, Rigidity Flexible, Cutting Tin Sips, Other Uses Pet Mesh

Bushfire Mesh

Ember Stop Extreme

Black Sheets Stainless Steel

Product CodeMeshSWGAperture mmWire Diameter mmWidth mmLength mmApprox Weight Kg*GradeFinishApprox % Open*Data Sheet LinkRequest a Quote
SSWOBS 01510 0750 200611211.510.875020005.4304 / 316Black 43PDF
SSWOBS 01510 0750 240611211.510.875024006.5304 / 316Black 43PDF
SSWOBS 01510 0900 200611211.510.890020006.5304 / 316Black 43PDF
SSWOBS 01510 0900 240611211.510.890024007.8304 / 316Black 43PDF
SSWOBS 01510 1200 200611211.510.8120020008.7304 / 316Black 43PDF
SSWOBS 01510 1200 240611211.510.81200240010.4304 / 316Black 43PDF
SSWOBS 01510 1500 200611211.510.81500200010.8304 / 316Black 43PDF
SSWOBS 01510 1500 240611211.510.81500240013304 / 316Black 43PDF

* Pre black finish
Formability Self Supporting, Rigidity Rigid, Cutting Guillotine / Grinder, Other Uses Security Mesh

Mesh is Tested / Manufactured to:

ASTM International (formerly American Society for Testing and Materials)

✔ ASTM E2016-15 ‘Standard Specification for Industrial Woven Wire Cloth’
Manufactured to

Australian Standards
✔ AS 3959-2009 Amdt 3
‘Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas’ meets physical requirements of mesh
Aperture <2mm, Corrosion Resistant, Non Combustible

✔ AS/NZS 1530.3:1999
‘Simultaneous Determination of Ignitability, Flame Propagation, Heat Release and Smoke Release’✔ FCO-3313 CSIRO Advisory Report regarding ‘Bushfire Mesh’ range & criteria of AS 3959-2009
BAL 12.5 – FZ. If used in the prescribed construction manner
✔ AS 2331.3.1 2001 Neutral Salt Spray Test
1000 Hours, No Corrosion
✔ AS 5041 2003 Knife Shear Test
Technical Data Sheets
✔ Refer to SSWM Technical Data Sheets for further Standards / Testing information and which of the above are relevant to the mesh that you have selected

Stainless Steel
Woven Mesh Calculations

  • Mesh Count
  • Wire Diam mm
  • Aperture mm
  • Open Area %
  • Weight Squ m
  • Micron (if Aperture =< 1)