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A mining site in Western Australia that came under threat in the previous summer wanted to reduce their risk of bushfires and protect their people and all assets.

Bushfire Mesh was installed under buildings (subfloors) to prevent dangerous embers from landing on debris that accumulates under buildings that can create fires. In remote locations where there are few people to defend against fire, bushfire mesh becomes an effective shield.  


Bushfire Mesh TOUGH


The Bushfire Mesh Shield is designed to allow air flow under the building while shielding the dangerous embers out. It has the added benefit of acting as an insect and/or animal barrier. The Shield comes in a stainless steel or black coating finish and will blend into to your industrial application. The Bushfire Mesh can be easily fixed to your building structure and buried into the ground and will not corrode. It can be easily “shaped” to meet your building needs meaning it can be bent to go around corners while keeping embers out. 

The mine site wanted to protect their accommodation huts because without accommodation there are no employees to run the mine. The mine site recognised that accommodation was a critical infrastructure that they needed to protect.  

The customer selected Bushfire Mesh TOUGH grade 316 as it provided protection against embers, would not corrode with the bore water used for watering and due to its installation being at ground level went with something that was strong enough to keep small animals out. 

About Western Australia

Western Australia has a diverse landscape, with different regions experiencing bushfires differently. While the state’s southwest region is particularly prone to bushfires during the summer months, the northern regions are also at risk during the dry season. Despite this ongoing threat, the community are better prepared, with many installing Bushfire Mesh Shield as a passive barrier to defend them against fire.


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