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A country retreat located in the foothills of the macedon ranges with expansive swathes of protected woodland and a large population of black gum trees.

Being located within an area classified as BAL 29 (Bush fire Attack Level 29 kW/m2) they needed a shield to protect them against Embers, Radiant Heat and Direct Flame. As a physical barrier to bushfire threats it is non-combustible and acts as a flame arrestor, allows air to pass through the screens while catching dangerous embers in their tracks and as a metal screen reflects and absorbs radiant heat to protect glass coverings.   

Used Products

Bushfire Mesh TOUGH

Perimeter Fencing

Through collaboration with stakeholders involved in the planning and building stages of the project, including the local CFA, a perimeter fence using Bushfire Mesh Shield was installed. The Shield is effective against the three threats of bushfire and is strongly recommended when protecting a residential building where aged, children & people with disability reside. The shield provides the residents more time to escape the threat of bushfire. 

Bushfire Mesh Shield has the added benefits that it can act as a:
 Privacy screen between the residential parts of the building
• Rodent screen that can keep unwanted pests out of the residential area

The customer selected with the Bushfire Mesh Shield – Tough. This provides excellent protection for BAL rated buildings and was easy to install on the existing fencing.      

About Woodend

Woodend is a small town in the shire of the Macedon Ranges. The surrounding forested areas and dry climate make it particularly vulnerable to bushfire, most significantly the Ash Wednesday bushfires in 1983 caused significant damage to the town, destroying many homes and businesses. In response, the local community has worked to develop a comprehensive bushfire management plan, with many installing Bushfire Mesh Shield as a perimeter fence to protect them from ember attack, direct flame and radiant heat.


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