Our vision is to be your preferred supplier of stainless steel wire & mesh and provinding a seamless experience with our extensive stock holding & unrivalled service.

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SSWM is an Australian owned family business. Innovator & Director, Andrew Greer, began working in the wire industry over 55 years ago with Greer & Ashburner and Greer Wire.

The current generation consists of – General Manager; Sales & Supply, Tory Greer, General Manager; Business Development, Amanda Greer & International Consultant, James Greer, have been around wire since they were born.

The SSWM team is customer focus and adds value to our Customers with our service, you can learn more on our TEAM page.

The future of stainless steel wire & mesh has never been brighter! SSWM is committed to delivering a growing range of stainless steel wire and mesh products.

SSWM continues to expand based on knowledge and experience built over the years by the family’s forefathers – knowledge that can be traced back to the Edinburgh origins in 1793 and to the company’s establishment in Melbourne, Australia in 1849.


You work with us and we will work with you. We value our relationships with our Customers and place a large emphasis on communication to enable us to be kept informed of your stock requirements.


The use of stainless steel is the solution to many of the industry problems that we see. Do the following problems sound familiar? All too often we hear these problems and it is satisfying that we have the solution!

  • Corrosion resulting in product not meeting specification
  • Replacement costs of products that don’t “pass” specification
  • Aging of material being unsightly
  • Protective coatings are expensive and don’t last for ever and may not provide 100% protection


As a past president of the Australian Wire Association, Andrew’s decades of experience also encompass an international understanding of the stainless steel wire industry throughout the world. In addition to this, SSWM continues to expand on the knowledge built up over time through Greer & Ashburner and Greer Wire.

Our vision is to be your preferred supplier of stainless steel wire & mesh.

Same Day Despatch

We are a nimble and highly responsive business and speed to
market is on two fronts:

  • Speed to market on information, quotes & availability 
  • Speed to market on supply, same day despatch (when your order is received by 9am)

Quality Assured & Tested

Our products adhere to ISO9001 manufacturing standards and are tested against ASTM standards for Wires and Mesh. We offer dedicated Technical Sales support and provide access to ASSDA specialists.

Our products where appropriate are fully compliant with Australian Standards, reflecting our commitment to quality. Our stainless steel exclusive supply chain guarantees a contamination-free experience.

Australian Industry Leader with Strategic Relationships

SSWM is an Australian-owned Family business, in wire since 1849. As a major innovator in the uses of stainless steel wire and mesh, we value our relationships with our Customers & Fabricators and pride ourselves on communication to understand your material requirements.

We work closely with Industry Associations and our Suppliers to create stainless steel products for the Australian Market.

Seamless Experience

We make end-to-end business easy. SSWM listens to our customers and we apply our industry knowledge to achieve solutions for our Customers.

Purchasing SSWM products is easy with our stock availability and service.

Australia’s Largest Stockist of Stainless Steel Wire & Mesh

with over 580 products in our purpose laid out warehouse including:

30 Welded Panels   • 50 Welded Rolls

50 Coil Wire

For further information please download our Stock Guide

Why Stainless Steel? The Lasting Decision

SSWM coined the term ‘The Lasting Decision’ to sum up your choice to use stainless steel. An important attribute of stainless steel is its ability to provide long term performance with minimal maintenance. Taking into account its full life cycle, stainless steel has one of the lightest impacts on the environment of all engineered products.


Our Head Office & Warehouse is located in Melbourne. We are situated within the hub of national transport companies, allowing all of our stainless steel wire & mesh to be delivered anywhere in Australia with ease and efficiency. Our position also allows us to provide a quality service to the growing industrial manufacturing corridor of greater Victoria.

To service the Australian market we also have strategically located our:
Head Office & Warehouse
3 Commercial Court, Tullamarine VIC 3043

Queensland Warehouse
Unit 2/195 Jackson Road, Sunnybank QLD 4109

We also hold stock at the following locations: 
Brisbane, QLD 
Melbourne, VIC  
Perth, WA   
Sydney, NSW 
Christchurch, New Zealand  



  • Products are manufactured under ISO9001 standards
  • Tested to ASTM standards for Wires and Mesh
  • Technical Sales support and access to ASSDA specialists
  • Complies within Australian Industry Standards
  • Australia’s Largest stockist that works with you to meet your Demand Forecast requirements
  • Stainless Steel only Supply Chain ensures contamination free

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