stainless steel Bright Annealed Coil Wire


stainless steel Bright Annealed Coil Wire

Bright Annealed Coil Wire

Stainless steel bright annealed wire can be supplied in coil or straightened lengths, from ex stock or on indent.

By selecting stainless steel you will utilise its numerous benefits including:

✔ Long term performance
✔ Minimal maintenance
✔ Strength
✔ Life cycle costing
✔ Low environmental impact

Stainless Steel Bright Annealed Wire available;

For multiple roll orders please contact [email protected] or 1300 305 148 as order is too large for courier.
Australia’s largest stockist of stainless steel wire & mesh

Australia’s largest stockist of stainless steel wire & mesh
We have the largest and most comprehensive Australian stock holding of stainless steel wire and mesh in our purpose laid out warehouse with over: 50 stainless steel coil wire specifications, 350 stainless steel woven mesh specifications, 25 Stainless Steel Welded Mesh specifications and 40 Stainless Steel Welded Roll specifications.

Design & Install Considerations

Design & Install Considerations
Practical information for your consideration.

Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance
Stainless steel is a low maintenance material, but not maintenance free. Refer to our CARE page for further information.

Speed to Market

Speed to Market
Same day despatch when your order is received by 9am for Australia wide delivery.

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Stocked Stainless Steel Bright Annealed Coil Wire 304

Product CodeWire Diameter mmApprox Weight KgGradeTensile MpaApprox Meters / KgData Sheet LinkRequest a Quote
SSAW 304 B 0.900.9025-35304650-750198.97PDF
SSAW 304 B 1.251.2540-60304650-750103.15PDF
SSAW 304 B 1.601.6040-60304650-75062.96PDF
SSAW 304 B 2.002.00100-150304600-70040.29PDF
SSAW 304 S 0.500.50*10-12304680-780694.68PDF
SSAW 304 S 0.560.56*10-12304650-750513.93PDF

* DIN 200 Spool

Stocked Stainless Steel Bright Annealed Coil Wire 316

Product CodeWire Diameter mmLength mApprox Weight KgGradeTensile MpaApprox Meters / KgData Sheet LinkRequest a Quote
SSAW 316 0.90 5.00.9010005316650-750198.97PDF
SSAW 316 1.25 5.01.255005316650-750103.15PDF
SSAW 316 1.60 5.01.603005316650-75062.96PDF
SSAW 316 2.00 5.02.002005316600-70040.29PDF
SSAW 316 B 0.900.9025-35316650-750198.97PDF
SSAW 316 B 1.251.2540-60316650-750103.16PDF
SSAW 316 B 1.601.6040-60316650-75062.96PDF
SSAW 316 B 2.002.00100-150316600-70040.29PDF
SSAW 316 B 2.502.50150-250316600-70025.79PDF
SSAW 316 D 3.003.0037520.9316600 - 700
SSAW 316 B 3.153.15150-250316600-70016.24PDF
SSAW 316 B 4.004.00150-250316600-70010.07PDF
SSAW 316 D 4.004.0050316600-70010.07PDF
SSAW 316 G 2.502.5050019.2316620-76025.79PDF
SSAW 316 S 0.400.4010-12316680-7801278.87PDF
SSAW 316 S 0.450.4510-12316680-780795.90PDF
SSAW 316 S 0.500.5010-12316680-780694.68PDF
SSAW 316 S 0.560.5610-12316650-750513.93PDF
SSAW 316 S 0.630.6310-12316650-750406.07PDF
SSAW 316 S 0.710.7110-12316650-750319.72PDF
SSAW 316 S 0.800.8010-12316650-750251.83PDF
SSAW 316 S 0.900.9010-12316650-750198.97PDF
SSAW 316 T 2.002.0075018.62316600-70040.29PDF

* DIN 200 Spool

Print Table

Coil Wire Weight
(using density 7900)

  • Wire Diameter (mm)
  • Wire Length (m)
  • Weight (KG)

Wire Breaking Point

  • Wire Diameter (mm)
  • Tensile (Mpa)
  • Yield Breaking Force (N)
  • Yield Breaking Load (kg)