stainless steel Animal Mesh


stainless steel Animal Mesh

Animal Mesh

Stainless steel is the optimum solution for animal mesh- welded mesh rolls and panels. By selecting stainless steel you will utilise the numerous benefits including:

✔ Long term performance
✔ Minimal maintenance
✔ Strength
✔ Life cycle costing
✔ Low environmental impact

Stainless steel welded mesh is manufactured by the longitudinal and transverse wires being resistance welded together.

SSWM general purpose stocked stainless steel welded panels & rolls and custom made stainless steel welded panels & rolls are available and commonly used for:

  • Aviary & Zoo Mesh
  • Vermin & Rodent Mesh
  • Pet Mesh

Stocked Product Specifications ready for same day despatch

Welded Panels
  25mm to 200mm
Wire Diam              
  2.5mm to 8mm
304 & 316
Length x Width       
2400mm x 1200mm
Finish                          Mill also known as off the machine

Custom Made
Length x Width     
 3000mm x 1200mm

Welded Rolls
Mesh                           6.35mm to 50.8mm
Wire Diam                0.8mm to 2.5mm
304 & 316
30 metre rolls
Finish                          Mill also known as off the machine
Minimum Sale Quantities
Multiples of 5 metres up to 30 metre rolls



For multiple roll orders please contact [email protected] or 1300 305 148 as order is too large for courier.
Australia’s largest stockist of stainless steel wire & mesh

Australia’s largest stockist of Stainless Steel Wire & Mesh
We have the largest and most comprehensive Australian stock holding of stainless steel wire and mesh in our purpose laid out warehouse with over:
25 Stainless Steel Welded Mesh specifications in 1200 x 2400mm panels
40 Stainless Steel Welded Roll specifications in 30 metre rolls.

Design & Install Considerations

Design & Install Considerations
Practical information for your consideration.

Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance
Stainless steel is a low maintenance material, but not maintenance free. Refer to our CARE page for further information.

Speed to Market

Speed to Market
Same day despatch when your order is received by 9am for Australia wide delivery.

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Stocked Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh 30 Metre Rolls

Product CodeMesh mmWire Diameter mmWidth mmApprox Weight KgGradeData Sheet LinkRequest a Quote
SSWM 06.35 0.63 01966.35 x 6.350.63190.54.5316PDF
SSWM 06.35 0.63 09146.35 x 6.350.6391522304PDF
SSWM 06.35 0.63 09166.35 x 6.350.6391522316PDF
SSWM 06.35 0.63 12266.35 x 6.350.63122029316PDF
SSWM 06.35 0.8 12246.35 x 6.350.80122046304PDF
SSWM 06.35 0.8 12266.35 x 6.350.80122046316PDF
SSWM 09.50 0.8 12269.50 x 9.500.80122030316PDF
SSWM 09.50 1.0 12249.50 x 9.501.00122048304PDF
SSWM 09.50 1.0 12269.50 x 9.501.00122048316PDF
SSWM 09.50 1.0 15249.50 x 9.501.00152560304PDF
SSWM 09.50 1.0 15269.50 x 9.501.00152560316PDF
SSWM 11.00 0.8 122411.0 x 11.00.80122027304PDF
SSWM 11.00 0.8 122611.0 x 11.00.80122027316PDF
SSWM 12.7 1.0 122412.7 x 12.7 1.00122034304PDF
SSWM 12.7 1.0 122612.7 x 12.71.00122034316PDF
SSWM 12.7 1.0 155612.7 x 12.71.0155643316PDF
SSWM 12.7 1.2 091412.7 x 12.71.2091539304PDF
SSWM 12.7 1.2 091612.7 x 12.71.2091539316PDF
SSWM 12.7 1.2 122412.7 x 12.71.20122052304PDF
SSWM 12.7 1.2 122612.7 x 12.71.20122052316PDF
SSWM 12.7 1.2 152412.7 x 12.71.20152564304PDF
SSWM 12.7 1.2 152612.7 x 12.71.20152564316PDF
SSWM 12.7 1.2 183412.7 x 12.71.20183074304PDF
SSWM 12.7 1.6 091412.7 x 12.71.6091569304PDF
SSWM 12.7 1.6 122412.7 x 12.71.60122092304PDF
SSWM 12.7 1.6 122612.7 x 12.71.60122092316PDF
SSWM 12.80 1.2 122412.7 x 25.41.20122039304PDF
SSWM 12.80 1.2 122612.7 x 25.41.20122039316PDF
SSWM 19.05 1.6 122619.05 x 19.051.60122062316PDF
SSWM 19.05 2.0 122619.05 x 19.052.00122095316PDF
SSWM 25.4 1.0 122625.4 x 25.41.00122018316PDF
SSWM 25.4 1.2 091625.4 x 25.41.2091520316PDF
SSWM 25.4 1.2 122625.4 x 25.41.20122026316PDF
SSWM 25.4 1.2 152625.4 x 25.41.20152532316PDF
SSWM 25.4 1.6 122625.4 x 25.41.60122046316PDF
SSWM 25.4 2.0 122425.4 x 25.42.00122072304PDF
SSWM 25.4 2.0 122625.4 x 25.42.00122072316PDF
SSWM 38.1 2.0 122638.1 x 38.12.00122048316PDF
SSWM 50.8 2.0 122650.8 x 50.82.0122037316PDF

Minimum Sale Quantities
Sold 30m rolls
5 lineal meters (only sold in multiples of 5 lineal meters)

Please place your welded roll orders that require cutting by 11:00am for same day cut and pick up by 2:30pm

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Stainless Steel Welded Panels & Rolls- More Information

Welded Mesh Vs Woven Mesh

Welded wire mesh typically has larger openings than woven wire mesh. The wires are welded at each intersection giving the mesh strength and the capability of maintaining its integrity under stress. The popularity of welded mesh is increasing as it can be cut and formed with relative ease.

Welded Mesh terminology

Mesh- The distance between two adjacent parallel wires, measured from centre to centre of the wires.

Diameter-Thickness of the wire

Stocked and custom made welded wire mesh panels

We carry an extensive range of welded mesh panels. Our stocked panels have a width of 1200mm and length of 2400mm the wire diameter starts at 2.50mm to 6mm and the mesh from 25mm to 200mm.  For further information on our stocked welded mesh panels refer to the tables;

Stainless Steel Welded Panels

For a requirement larger than our stocked panels, custom made panels can be made with a width of up to 2400mm and a length of up to 3000mm.

All our welded panels have edges trimmed (flush).

If you require your panels to be fabricated, we can recommend a fabricator to suit your application.

Applications include

Aviaries/ Zoos
Landscaping/Green Walls
Food processing
Bird Proofing


Stainless Steel
Welded Mesh Calculations

  • Mesh mm
  • Diam mm
  • Open Area %
  • Weight Squ m