stainless steel Woven Mesh


stainless steel Woven Mesh

Woven Mesh

Stainless steel is the optimum solution for your woven mesh needs. By selecting stainless steel you will utilise its numerous benefits including:

✔ Long term performance
✔ Minimal maintenance
✔ Strength
✔ Life cycle costing
✔ Low environmental impact

Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh is manufactured by weaving longitudinal and transverse wires together. Commercial / Industrial grade mesh also known as wire cloth and gauze is extensively used for:

Stocked Product Specifications ready for same day despatch

Mesh 500 inch per lineal inch (fine mesh) to 1 inch per lineal to (coarse mesh)
Weave Plain, Twill, Lock Crimp & Inter Crimp Weave
Grade 304 & 316
Length x Width 2m Rolls / Sheets x 1245mm width
10m length x 1550mm width rolls
30m length x 1245mm, 1550mm and 1830mm width rolls
Finish Mill also known as off the machine

Minimum Sale Quantities
915mm, 1220mm & 1245mm width  – 2 lineal meters. Then sold in multiples of 1 metre.
1550mm width  – 10 lineal meters. Then sold in multiples of 10 metres.
^ Sold 30m roll only.

For multiple roll orders please contact [email protected] or 1300 305 148 as order is too large for courier.
Australia’s largest stockist of stainless steel wire & mesh

Australia’s largest stockist of stainless steel wire & mesh
We have the largest and most comprehensive Australian stock holding of stainless steel wire and mesh in our purpose laid out warehouse with over: 350 stainless steel woven mesh specifications including mill finish, black powder coated, hollander mesh & bolting cloth in 30m, 10m, 5m & 2m rolls in varying widths

Testing / Standards

Testing / Standards
Our Stainless Steel Woven Mesh is manufactured to ASTM E2016-15 ‘Standard Specification for Industrial Woven Wire Cloth’.

Design & Install Considerations

Design & Install Considerations
Practical information for your consideration.


Architectural Mesh
If the mesh is being used externally for aesthetic purposes, to minimise tea staining please evaluate if the mesh is to be pickled, passivated and electropolished.

Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance
Stainless steel is a low maintenance material, but not maintenance free. Refer to our CARE page for further information.

Speed to Market

Speed to Market
Same day despatch when your order is received by 9am for Australia wide delivery.

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Commercial Grade Stocked Stainless Steel Woven Mesh
Regularly used in Industry
30 Metre Rolls

Product CodeMeshSWGAperture mmWire Diameter mmWidth mmApprox Weight KgGradeApprox % OpenMicronTechnical Data SheetRequest a Quote
SSWO 00026 1226500500.0260.025122063162626PDF
SSWO 00034 1226400490.0340.03122073162834PDF
SSWO 00043 122632548.50.0430.035122073163043PDF
SSWO 00045 1226300480.0450.04122093162845PDF
SSWO 00062 1226250480.0620.04122073163762PDF
SSWO 00077 1226200470.0770.05122093163777PDF
SSWO 00077 1556200470.0770.051550113163777PDF
SSWO 00091 1226180470.0910.05122083164291PDF
SSWO 00104 122615045.50.1040.06512201231638104PDF
SSWO 00104 155615045.50.1040.06515501531638104PDF
SSWO 00132 1226120440.1320.0812201431639132PDF
SSWO 00132 1556120440.1320.0815501831639132PDF
SSWO 00154 1246100420.1540.1012451931637154PDF
SSWO 00154 1556100420.1540.1015502431637154PDF
SSWO 00193 124680390.1930.12512452431637193PDF
SSWO 00193 155680390.1930.12515503031637193PDF
SSWO 00223 124670380.2230.1412453031637193PDF
SSWO 00223 155670380.2230.1415503331638223PDF
SSWO 00250 124660370.2500.17412453531634250PDF
SSWO 00250 155660370.2500.17415504331634250PDF
SSWO 00263 12466037.50.2630.1612452931639263PDF
SSWO 00318 12465036.50.3180.1912453531639318PDF
SSWO 00318 15565036.50.3180.1915504331639318PDF
SSWO 00415 124640340.4150.2212453731643415PDF
SSWO 00415 155440340.4150.2215504630443415PDF
SSWO 00415 155640340.4150.2215504631643415PDF
SSWO 00547 124430300.5470.3012455230442547PDF
SSWO 00547 124630300.5470.3012455231642547PDF
SSWO 00547 155430300.5470.3015506430442547PDF
SSWO 00567 124430320.5670.2812454530445567PDF
SSWO 00608 155424260.6080.45155011130435608PDF
SSWO 00710 155420240.710.56155014630431710PDF
SSWO 00758 124424300.7580.3012454130451758PDF
SSWO 00758 155424300.7580.3015505230451758PDF
SSWO 00782 122628390.7820.1251220831674780PDF
SSWO 00820 124420260.8200.4512457830442820PDF
SSWO 00820 124620260.8200.4512457831642820PDF
SSWO 00820 155420260.8200.4515509730442820PDF
SSWO 00850 155418240.8500.56155013530436850PDF
SSWO 00920 124420280.9200.3512454730452920PDF
SSWO 00920 124620280.9200.3512454731652920PDF
SSWO 01030 124416241.030.5612459630442PDF
SSWO 01030 124616241.030.5612459631642PDF
SSWO 01030 155416241.030.56155012030442PDF
SSWO 01140 124416261.140.4512456230451PDF
SSWO 01140 155416261.140.4515507730451PDF
SSWO 01240 124416281.240.3512453730461PDF
SSWO 01240 155416281.240.3515504730461PDF
SSWO 01250 124414241.250.5612458430448PDF
SSWO 01250 155414241.250.56155010530448PDF
SSWO 01310 155611191.311.00155026231632PDF
SSWO 01410 124412221.410.71124511630444PDF
SSWO 01410 155412221.410.71155014430444PDF
SSWO 01560 124412241.560.5612457230454PDF
SSWO 01580 12468161.581.60124539231625PDF
SSWO 01640 091410201.640.9091511430442PDF
SSWO 01640 124410201.640.90124515530442PDF
SSWO 01640 124610201.640.90124515531642PDF
SSWO 01640 150410201.640.90150018730442PDF
SSWO 01640 155410201.640.90155019330442PDF
SSWO 01640 155610201.640.90155019331642PDF
SSWO 01670 091412261.670.459153430462PDF
SSWO 01670 091612261.670.459153431662PDF
SSWO 01670 124412261.670.4512454630462PDF
SSWO 01670 124612261.670.4512454631662PDF
SSWO 01670 155412261.670.4515505830462PDF
SSWO 01670 155612261.670.4515505831662PDF
SSWO 01670 1836 30^12261.670.4518306831662PDF
SSWO 01920 15549201.920.90155017430446PDF
SSWO 01975 12448181.9751.20124522130439PDF
SSWO 01975 15548181.9751.20155027530439PDF
SSWO 01980 124410241.980.5612456030461PDF
SSWO 01980 124610241.980.5612456031661PDF
SSWO 01980 155410241.980.5615507530461PDF
SSWO 01980 155610241.980.5615507531661PDF
SSWO 02090 122410262.090.4512203830468PDF
SSWO 02090 124410262.090.4512453930468PDF
SSWO 02280 12448202.280.90124512430451PDF
SSWO 02280 15548202.280.90155015430451PDF
SSWO 02470 12448222.470.7112457730460PDF
SSWO 02470 15548222.470.7115509630460PDF
SSWO 02620 15548242.620.5615506030468PDF
SSWO 02630 12466162.631.60124529531639PDF
SSWO 03030 12446183.031.20124516630451PDF
SSWO 03030 12466183.031.20124516631651PDF
SSWO 03330 12446203.330.9012459330462PDF
SSWO 03330 15546203.330.90155011630462PDF
SSWO 03480 12445163.481.60124524530447PDF
SSWO 03480 15545163.481.60155030530447PDF
SSWO 03880 15545183.881.20155017230458PDF
SSWO 04180 15545204.180.9015508330468PDF
SSWO 04750 12444164.751.60124519630456PDF
SSWO 04750 12464164.751.60124519631656PDF
SSWO 04750 15544164.751.60155024430456PDF
SSWO 05150 12444185.151.20124511030466PDF
SSWO 05150 15544185.151.20155013730466PDF
SSWO 06470 1244 LC3146.472.00124523030458PDF
SSWO 06470 1554 LC3146.472.00155028630458PDF
SSWO 06870 1244 LC3166.871.60124514730466PDF
SSWO 06870 1246 LC3166.871.60124514731666PDF
SSWO 06870 1554 LC3166.871.60155014730466PDF
SSWO 09500 1244 IC2.2149.52.00124516530466PDF
SSWO 09500 1246 IC2.2149.52.00124513531666PDF
SSWO 10200 1246 LC21210.22.50124523931665PDF
SSWO 10700 1244 IC21410.72.00124515330471PDF
SSWO 10700 1246 IC21410.72.00124515331671PDF
SSWO 10700 1554 IC21410.72.00155019130471PDF
SSWO 11100 1244 IC21611.11.6012459830476PDF
SSWO 11100 1246 IC21611.11.6012459831676PDF
SSWO 12880 1246 LC1.61012.883.00124527631666PDF
SSWO 16500 1246 IC3/41216.52.50124516031675PDF
SSWO 22250 1244 IC11022.253.15124519030477PDF
SSWO 22250 1246 IC11022.253.15124519031677PDF
SSWO 22250 1836 IC11022.253.15183027931677PDF

Please place your woven wire orders that require cutting by 11:00am for same day cut and pick up by 2:30pm.

Print Table

Mesh is Tested / Manufactured to:

ASTM International (formerly American Society for Testing and Materials)
✔ ASTM E2016-15 ‘Standard Specification for Industrial Woven Wire Cloth’
Manufactured to
Technical Data Sheets
✔ Refer to SSWM Technical Data Sheets for further Standards / Testing information and which of the above are relevant to the mesh that you have selected

Stainless Steel Woven Mesh - More Information

Stainless Woven Mesh Terminology

Mesh – The number of openings per lineal inch.
SWG – Standard wire gauge
Aperture– The distance between two adjacent wires
Diameter– The thickness of the wire before weaving
Pitch– The distance between the middle point of two adjacent wires or the sum of the aperture width and the wire diameter.
% Open Area– The ratio of the area of the aperture to the area of the mesh expressed in percentage terms
Warp– All wires running lengthwise of the cloth as woven
Weft– All wires running across the cloth as woven

Stainless Woven Mesh Formulas

Calculating the aperture
1. Count of a convenient number of apertures (N)
2. Measure the length covered by the N apertures (L)
3. Measure the wire diameter (D)
4. The average aperture


Working example of calculating the aperture of 6/20 woven wire mesh
1. Number of apertures counted                         N = 6
2. Length covered by apertures centre to centre  L = 25.4mm
3. Diameter of wire                                           D = 0.9mm
4. Aperture


The woven wire is identified as 3.33mm aperture / 0.9mm diameter
Mesh Count
If the aperture and the diameter are known the mesh count can be determined


Percentage Open Area


The mesh has a 62% open area

Micron Conversion
Micron (micrometer) is a unit of measure, in which usually only fine mesh under 1mm is referred to. A micron us a thousandth of a millimetre.

In this example 325/48.5, 0.043mm aperture, 0.035mm diameter is used.



Plain Weave


The most common and simplest weaves.Each warp wire (wire running parallel to the length of the cloth) passes alternatively over and under the wires running transversly through the cloth at 90 degree angles.
Intercrimp Weave


Has extra crimps in warp and weft wires between intersections.

Lock Crimp Weave


Is produced with pre-crimped wire. Lock crimp weave is stabilised by a notch or bump at the wire intersections.

 Twill Weave


Is Produced by passing each fill wire alternatively over and under two warp wires.

Stainless Steel
Woven Mesh Calculations

  • Mesh Count
  • Wire Diam mm
  • Aperture mm
  • Open Area %
  • Weight Squ m
  • Micron (if Aperture =< 1)