Stainless Steel Wire & Mesh Frequently Asked Questions

stainless steel FAQ

At Stainless Steel Wire & Mesh, we get a lot of commonly asked questions about our range of products and their many applications.  This FAQ page lists those frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us for help.

1. Do you only sell Stainless Steel?

Yes, as our name suggests we sell only Stainless Steel Wire & Mesh.

2. Can mesh be identified from a sample?

Yes, please either send or bring your mesh in for identification. If emailing a photo, please ensure it is against a ruler, so we can identify the mesh count, and wire diameter.

3. How are our Stainless Steel Welded Panels (1200 x 2400mm) transported?

On a double skid for interstate and country deliveries, no double skid is usually required for local deliveries or local pickups.

4. Do you sell different size Welded Panels?

Our stocked size is 1200 x 2400mm.

However for large volumes panels can be custom made.

5. Are you open on the weekends? Or what are your opening hours?

Our opening hours are 8.30am – 3.30pm Monday to Friday

6. Should I prearrange a visit to your showroom?

Please do, to enable us to assist you with your enquiry and requirements without distractions.

7. Will you cut my mesh while I wait?

Please place your woven wire orders that require cutting by 11am for same day cut and pickup by 2.30pm

8. Will you cut my mesh to any size?

No. We only cut across the width of the roll once.

To enable speed to market we have all specifications in pre-cut 2 m rolls in 1245mm wide and 10m rolls in widths above 1550mm which are ready to be dispatched upon order.

9. Can I pay over the phone?

We accept payment via PayPal or direct deposit EFT. We have a strict policy of not taking credit card details over the phone

10. Can I use my own freight company?

Absolutely, we welcome you to use your own freight company.

11. When will my order be despatched?

If we receive your order before 9am, it will be dispatched on same day.

12. What is the minimum sale quantity?

Welded mesh

5 lineal metres and increments of 5 lineal metres

Woven Mesh

1245mm wide – 2 lineal metres and increments of 1 lineal metre
1550mm wide – 10 lineal metres and increments of 10 lineal metres
1830mm wide – 10 lineal metres and increments of 10 lineal metres

13. Where can I find weights, dimensions and specifications?

We have a datasheet for each product item, these include a to scale image, specifications, dimensions and weights. These are found on the website in the far right column of the product tables. We also include a link to the relevant datasheet in all quotes, proformas and invoices.