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Black Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh

Black Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh

Finish Black Matt (2.4m, 15m & 30m all sold full rolls only)

For stainless woven mesh terminology, formulas, types of weaves and how identify the mesh refer to the more information page or see our latest post in our Blog ‘The Ins and Outs of Woven Mesh’

Our stainless steel woven mesh is manufactured to ASTM E2016-15 ‘Standard Specification for Industrial Woven Wire Cloth’.


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Commercial Grade Stocked Stainless Steel Woven Black Matt Mesh Rolls Regularly used in Industry

Product CodeMeshSWGAperture mmWire Diameter mmWidth mmLength mApprox Weight Kg*GradeFinishApprox % Open*Data Sheet LinkRequest a Quote
SSWOB 01230 0916 151836.51.230.18915154316Black Matt76PDF
SSWOB 01230 0916 301836.51.230.18915309316Black Matt76PDF
SSWOB 01230 1226 151836.51.230.181220155316Black Matt76PDF
SSWOB 01230 1226 301836.51.230.1812203011316Black Matt76PDF
SSWOB 01230 1556 151836.51.230.181550157316Black Matt76PDF
SSWOB 01230 1556 301836.51.230.1815503014316Black Matt76PDF
SSWOB 01670 0196 3012261.670.45190307316Black Matt62PDF
SSWOB 01670 0916 1512261.670.459151517316Black Matt62PDF
SSWOB 01670 0916 2.412261.670.459152.43316Black Matt62PDF
SSWOB 01670 0916 3012261.670.459153034316Black Matt62PDF
SSWOB 01670 1226 2.412261.670.4512202.44316Black Matt62PDF
SSWOB 01670 1226 3012261.670.4512203045316Black Matt62PDF
SSWOB 01670 1246 1512261.670.4512451523316Black Matt62PDF
SSWOB 01670 1246 2.412261.670.4512452.44316Black Matt62PDF
SSWOB 01670 1246 3012261.670.4512453046316Black Matt62PDF
SSWOB 01670 1556 1512261.670.4515501529316Black Matt62PDF
SSWOB 01670 1556 2.412261.670.4515502.45316Black Matt62PDF
SSWOB 01670 1556 3012261.670.4515503058316Black Matt62PDF

SSWOB Sold full rolls only
* Pre black matt finish

Commercial Grade Stocked Stainless Steel Woven Black Matt Mesh Sheets Regularly used in Industry

Product CodeMeshSWGAperture mmWire Diameter mmWidth mmLength mmApprox Weight Kg*GradeFinishApprox % Open*Data Sheet LinkRequest a Quote
SSWOBS 01640 0750 2004
10201.640.975020006.2304Black Matt42PDF
SSWOBS 01640 0750 2404
10201.640.975024007.4304Black Matt42PDF
SSWOBS 01640 0900 2004
10201.640.990020007.4304Black Matt42PDF
SSWOBS 01640 0900 2404
10201.640.990024008.9304Black Matt42PDF
SSWOBS 01640 1200 2004
10201.640.9120020009.9304Black Matt42PDF
SSWOBS 01640 1200 2404
10201.640.91200240011.9304Black Matt42PDF
SSWOBS 01640 1500 2004
10201.640.91500200012.4304Black Matt42PDF
SSWOBS 01640 1500 2404
10201.640.91500240014.9304Black Matt42PDF

SSWOBS Sold full sheets only
* Pre black matt finish

Stainless Steel Woven Black Mesh - More Information

Stainless Woven Mesh Terminology

Mesh – The number of openings per lineal inch.
SWG – Standard wire gauge
Aperture– The distance between two adjacent wires
Diameter– The thickness of the wire before weaving
Pitch– The distance between the middle point of two adjacent wires or the sum of the aperture width and the wire diameter.
% Open Area– The ratio of the area of the aperture to the area of the mesh expressed in percentage terms
Warp– All wires running lengthwise of the cloth as woven
Weft– All wires running across the cloth as woven

Stainless Woven Mesh Formulas

Calculating the aperture
1. Count of a convenient number of apertures (N)
2. Measure the length covered by the N apertures (L)
3. Measure the wire diameter (D)
4. The average aperture


Working example of calculating the aperture of 6/20 woven wire mesh
1. Number of apertures counted                         N = 6
2. Length covered by apertures centre to centre  L = 25.4mm
3. Diameter of wire                                           D = 0.9mm
4. Aperture


The woven wire is identified as 3.33mm aperture / 0.9mm diameter
Mesh Count
If the aperture and the diameter are known the mesh count can be determined


Percentage Open Area


The mesh has a 62% open area

Micron Conversion
Micron (micrometer) is a unit of measure, in which usually only fine mesh under 1mm is referred to. A micron us a thousandth of a millimetre.

In this example 325/48.5, 0.043mm aperture, 0.035mm diameter is used.


Plain Weave


The most common and simplest weaves.Each warp wire (wire running parallel to the length of the cloth) passes alternatively over and under the wires running transversly through the cloth at 90 degree angles.
Intercrimp Weave


Has extra crimps in warp and weft wires between intersections.

Lock Crimp Weave


Is produced with pre-crimped wire. Lock crimp weave is stabilised by a notch or bump at the wire intersections.

 Twill Weave


Is Produced by passing each fill wire alternatively over and under two warp wires.


Stainless Steel
Woven Mesh Calculations

  • Mesh Count
  • Wire Diam mm
  • Aperture mm
  • Open Area %
  • Weight Squ m
  • Micron (if Aperture =< 1)